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At Weconex, we are a one-stop platform for travel, hotels, attractions, shopping, property, food & dining, transport & airport services.

Dive into a world of endless possibilities from luxurious accommodations, thrilling adventures to all-day online shopping. We connect and explore the world with you. We are your personal concierge, creating memorable experiences for you.

Headquartered in Singapore and incorporated in April 2018, we are dedicated to helping you connect and explore the world.

Our Services


Book hotels to travel and rest in comfort


Sign up for attractions at at the best possible rates in your city of choice


From transfers to transport cards, enjoy seamless connectivity with us

Food and Dining

Choose from a range of F&B options, which include drinks, snacks, casual restaurants and fine dining in 5 star hotels


Have your pick of day tour packages and activities in SEA, which include culinary, historic, and city-wide tours

Travel Packages

Wide range of packages with diverse and interesting itineraries for countries in SEA, Australia, New Zealand and Europe

Airport Services

Personalised meet-and-greet and airport lounge services


New launches in excess of 40 new projects in 8 countries


An array of merchandise specially curated for your selection

Our People

Information Technology

Our team is focused on tech enabled automation to ensure a seamless user experience

Business Development

Our team continuously adds to the range of products and services to cater to your every need

Products and Services

Our team specially curates the services and products on offer to ensure only the highest quality are made available to you

Our Partners

Working together to connect you

Exploring the World Together


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